Menjangan Highlight

Located in the North West of Bali is a terrific dive destination for wall diving with a great opportunity to dive deep from 20 to 60 metres. The walls are magnificent with great gorgonian sea fans, sponges and small caverns to explore along the wall. is also very rewarding for beginners. Especially due to the fact that the current is very light and the visablity is usually very good and can even be outstanding (50m +). Moreover, you can dive easily on the reef flats around 10 metres deep. The walls and the very colourful and vibrant soft and hard coral offer underwater macro photographers special opportunities to
capture some beautiful shots. Menjangan island is really great for small and medium fishes and the occassional big pelagic fish, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks and Manta Rays at certain times of the year. very nice diving site around Menjangan Island is the Anker wreck, a 150 year old wooden boat lying on the sea bed around 40 metres deep. Great Overnight Trip joined with Secret Bay

Pemuteran Highlight

Pemuteran is located in a small village on Bali’s north coast, next to Taman National Bali Barat. The scenery around this peaceful place is breathtaking. If you are looking for amazing dives, adventures in nature and being able to relax at one of the nicest beaches in Bali.

Travel time to this site is 3 hours, which offers stunning views of the three lakes and one of Bali’s most famous temples. The Pemuteran area is not only famous for the nearby Menjangan Island, but also for its non-crowded home reefs in Pemuteran Bay. There are 9 dive sites in the area, such as the underwater temple garden and the BioRock project, (reef restoration project started in 2000), Napoleon reef and Coral Garden offer an opportunity to see bigger animals like whale sharks, eagle rays and reef sharks, as well as a variety of macro critters. Great to join this with Menjangan Island and Secret Bay with 2 or 3 Night trip.

Secret Bay Highlight

The position of the reef in Secret bay dive site which is lying just outside the mouth of the bay creates a channel through which waters are largely swept. This is mainly the reason what Secret Bay spot basically acts as a massive underwater nursery for many larval fish and other critters. Because of strong tidal currents fish and invertebrates here are extremely healthy, colourful and well-fed but also that the water can be quite refreshing and sometimes the temperature is only around 23 °C.

All these characteristic make Secret Bay an extremely appealing dive site for photography even it is more than 3 hours drive from Sanur, great to join with Menjangan Island. The bay is only about two kilometres wide and very shallow 3-12m. It contains two small islands, and has even some areas of mangrove. Secret Bay is of shore diving and is a wonderful muck diving site.